Stimulating thought and action with twenty chapters geared specifically for baby boomers but applicable to any reader interested in taking control of his or her personal development and happiness, The Boomers’ Guidebook encourages you to look at the years ahead and evaluate where you are and where you want to go. Looking at  different aspects of life from exercise, giving, and love to celebrating the moment and breathing more consciously, these short, concise chapters are built on action verbs  and utilize supporting quotations from both famous and everyday people to recommend  practices  that will help improve your sense of joy and fulfillment. From specific approaches that encourage growth and development to great ideas to assist you on your path, this text  provides  a new view of who you are and who you might become that will astound you with its simplicity and delight you with its results.


Teaching you to take charge of your life rather than just letting it happen, The Boomers’ Guidebook delivers an empowering, stimulating guide that is as easy to understand as it is to implement. It is a condensed shot of pure optimism that uses simple, straightforward words and language to change your perspective and offer a new, more positive one that makes each moment more joyous and fulfilling. A thought- and action-provoking guide for those over—or under—fifty, The Boomers’ Guidebook to More Joyous Living: Twenty Positive Approaches to Life after Fifty will change your life for the better—starting today.