Don Weinhouse, Ph.D.

Don and Marily, Cruise 2006

What can I tell you about myself that you won’t learn from the resume found at the end of this section? Lots!
My passions, besides spending time with my wife, Marilyn and other close family members and friends are many. I love to babysit my new granddaughter, stretch and practice yoga asanas, meditate, play music (flute and recorder), juggle, lead workshops for parents, teachers, and adults seeking more competence and joy, read, laugh, pray, search for dolphins and green flashes at the beach, take long, leisurely bike rides, walk in nature, swim, lift weights… Besides the interests and activities just described, I am now spending some of my time promoting The Boomers’ Guidebook through workshops, interviews, presentations, and author signings; occasionally performing  as “Dr. Don the Juggling Minstrel” (juggling and playing the recorder) at weddings, school assemblies, corporate events, and conferences); and preparing for publication a series of 3rd-4th grade novels about a joking, juggling, recorder playing 4th-grader named Charlie Bubbles (Charlie Joins the Circus, Charlie Directs the Talent Show, and  Charlie Goes to Summer Camp).




2005-present    Professor Emeritus of Special Education
Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU-P), Pueblo, Colorado

2006-2013        Elementary Special Education Resource Teacher (Part-time)
San Diego Unified School District,  San Diego, California

1991-2005       Professor of Special Education
Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU-P)
Pueblo, Colorado

2005-2006     Itinerant Early Childhood Special Educator (Part-time)
San Luis Valley Board of Cooperative Educational Services
Alamosa, Colorado

1997-1999        Early Childhood Administrator (on leave from CSU-P)
Taipei American School
Taipei, Taiwan

1988-1991        Associate Professor of Early Childhood-Special Education
The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

1985-1988       Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Vista Unified School District
Vista, California

1981-984         Director
The American School in Japan, Nursery-Kindergarten
Tokyo, Japan

1978-1981        Learning Disabilities Specialist (preK-3)
Cardiff Elementary School
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

1976-1978        Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
California State University-Fresno
Fresno, California

1972-1974        Kindergarten and K-1st Teacher
Lindsay Unified School District
Lindsay, California


INSTITUTION            DEGREE(S)              AREA
Oregon State             Ph.D., M.Ed.       Counseling & Guidance
U.C.L.A.                      M.A.                     Special Education
U.C.L.A.                      B. A.                     English


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