One of the wonderful aspects of having been a career educator for 40 years, in addition to the  opportunity to work with children, parents, and teachers, was having time to develop other interests. Two of my “other interests,” juggling and playing the soprano recorder, merged about 30 years ago into the character of “Dr. Don the Juggling Minstrel.”

As “Dr. Don the Juggling Minstrel” I combined a wide variety of juggling skills  with comedy and playing the recorder and flute and performed regularly at school assemblies, professional conferences (education, special education, and child development), and corporate events.



Now, as a 68-year-old retired grandfather, I no longer balance tables on my chin, juggle fire or sharp objects, or perform slapstick comedy routines that require tripping, falling down, or playing the court jester/fool role.

“Dr. Don the Juggling Minstrel” now juggles and manipulates 1-5 balls, most often without talking, as entertainment at weddings and other large events such as corporate gatherings,  bar mitzvahs, and reunions.

Typically, my entertainment value is best utilized:

  1. Juggling off to the side of a registration area or cocktail hour (particularly near a crowded bar where people are waiting in line)
  2. Juggling beside or in  front of a band when the dining/dance floor area is opened up and the music begins
  3. Juggling and recorder playing–moving from table to table either performing “up-close” ball manipulations or “guess this tune” games

Most often, I entertain for only one hour at the beginning of an event, and am present when guests arrive. I move from the entrance/registration area …to the side of the crowded bar/hors d’oeuvres tables…to the main ballroom/ dining area just before the area is opened…and then from table to table as food services begin and/or the dance floor becomes occupied.


Don Weinhouse 2014 from Marilyn Weinhouse on Vimeo.