Interactive workshops, inservice trainings, and lectures of various lengths relating to all topics in The Boomers’ Guidebook can be scheduled directly with me, Don Weinhouse.

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 PLAY, Just for the Fun of it.                                               

BREATHE Deeply and Attentively.                  

MEDITATE in Ways That Bring Peace.

EXERCISE throughout Each Day.        

CELEBRATE Events, Both Large and Small.    

NEGOTIATE Agreements through Compromise.          

INFLUENCE Yourself and Others in Positive Directions.                

AIM for Goals and Objectives.                                      

DARE to Act Boldly.                                         

UPGRADE Expectations.

START to Do What Needs to Be Done.

WORK with a Positive Attitude and Passion. 

FEEL Emotions with Body and Mind.

LOVE Yourself and Others.                                                

GIVE What You Can Give.                                           

LET GO of Nonproductive Thoughts.

QUESTION and Find Answers

ORGANIZE the Details of Life

VARY Perspectives, Habits, Interests, and Surroundings

RENEW Yourself and Your Relationships